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California settlement limits ICE from re-detaining immigrants freed because of COVID
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The settlement comes as coronavirus infections in detention centers have surged since December to 3,129 a nearly 15% of the total detained population a as of Wednesday.

Will serial partying amid pandemic prove the one scandal Boris Johnson can't survive?
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The British prime minister is famous for his ability to skate away from scandals large and small. But this one, over pandemic gatherings, might stick.

Jordan says its military killed 27 suspected drug smugglers in border shootout
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Jordan says it killed 27 suspected armed drug smugglers in the deadliest encounter so far in a rising wave of confrontations on the border with Syria.

Gifts from my two mothers: One Korean, one Black
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An adoptee from South Korea grows up in Compton, then learns she had more in common with her birth mother than she ever imagined.

Litman: Trump's belief in his own Big Lie, can't save him from a guilty verdict for election tampering
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If you're worrying that a jury could let Trump slide because he lacked 'criminal intent' to commit election fraud, read the law.

German offer to send 5,000 helmets to Ukraine becomes punchline
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As the U.S. seeks to present a united front on Ukraine, Germany has its own interests to safeguard in dealings with the Kremlin. Some other European states do as well.

Supreme Court vacancy offers Biden, Democrats a chance to energize voters after setbacks
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The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer provides Democrats a chance to reengerize Black Democratic voters ahead of the midterm.

U.S. refuses to budge on Ukraine in response to Russian demands
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Tensions, already high, ratchet up as Washington prepares to deliver its response rejecting most of Moscow's demands on Ukraine.

A foiled prison break brings a sense of deja vu a and fears of an Islamic State resurgence
From https:

More than 100 Islamic State fighters attacked a prison in northeast Syria to try to free thousands of comrades locked inside.

Journalists throughout Mexico say enough to killings and crimes against press
From https:

The recent killings of two journalists within a week in the northern border city of Tijuana have fanned outrage.

The promise of a fresh start in Honduras is tarnished by a political crisis
From https:

On the eve of a presidential inauguration, Honduras faces a new political crisis.

Pelosi to run for House seat again while staying silent on leadership role
From https:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she is running for reelection to her San Francisco-area congressional seat.

Podcast: A new Honduras president-elect is set to make herstory
From https:

Honduran President-elect Xiomara Castro has seen her prospects of a successful administration take a hit even before her Jan. 27 inauguration

Nicholas Goldberg: Can sanctions repel a Russian invasion of Ukraine?
From https:

Even when the U.S. is saber-rattling, our real foreign policy tool of choice is economic and diplomatic sanctions.

U.S., NATO step up war footing in crisis over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine
From https:

Western embassies are also moving some of their staff out of Kyiv

Biden's push for voting rights failed. Will another promise to Black voters fall short?
From https:

Activists warn that the failure to deliver on promises to Black voters could hurt Democrats in the midterm election.

Podcast: An Indigenous language, back from the brink
From https:

The Serrano people of Southern California saw their Indigenous language almost vanish. Ernest Siva is bringing it back.

She told Mexico's president she feared for her life. Then she was killed
From https:

Lourdes Maldonado LA3pez was shot to death Sunday night in Tijuana, becoming the second journalist killed there in less than a week.

In the Ukraine-Russia crisis, Biden bumps against the limits of U.S. power
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The Russia-Ukraine crisis offers a lesson: The U.S. is still a superpower, but its ability to influence events overseas is increasingly limited.

In eastern Ukraine, trench warfare grinds on against backdrop of invasion fears
From https:

Slog of trench warfare in eastern Ukraine yields scenes reminiscent of World War I.

Russia, U.S. fail to resolve differences in talks to avoid Moscow invasion of Ukraine
From https:

Russia and the United States held 'frank' talks Friday but failed to resolve deep differences over Ukraine, as the U.S. races to avert an invasion.

Omicron wave may be waning, according to the White House
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The coronavirus surge, caused by the Omicron variant, may be declining in some parts of the country, according to White House officials Friday.

Podcast: Standing up for Black lives at the border
From https:

How a suburban mom became an activist by leaning into her Afro-Latina identity

Carnage escalates, options for U.S. diminish in new round of Yemeni civil war attacks
From https:

Air attack in Abu Dhabi by Houthi rebels sparks the latest escalation in Yemen's civil war and leaves the U.S. and other nations with limited options.

Mexico weathers the Omicron surge, but experts warn against complacency
From https:

Mexico is seeing record numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Biden's 'minor incursion' comment roils diplomatic efforts to halt Russian invasion of Ukraine
From https:

Whether president misspoke or reflected European unease, the White House rushed to contain the damage. Ukraine reacts furiously.

Nicholas Goldberg: Here's what happens next for unsolved 'cold case' killings from the civil rights era
From https:

Prosecutions are becoming more difficult in these decades-old murders. But history hasn't finished with them. Now journalists, scholars and the public need to see the files.

Will Jan. 6 committee subpoena McCarthy? Congress could set up a political and legal showdown
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's refusal to testify before the Jan. 6 select committee forces Democrats to make tough choices.

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