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Agnes brings witty cooking and a serious cheese counter to Old Pasadena
From feeds.latimes

Agnes in Pasadena, an eclectic, cheese-focused restaurant and market, is an instant hit.

Michael Mina to open a plant-forward, health-focused restaurant in Hollywood
From feeds.latimes

Michael Mina, known for his steakhouses around the country, will open a plant-forward, health-focused restaurant in Hollywood called Mother Tongue.

Seasons of Preserves: Apple Butter
From feeds.latimes

How to pick the best apples and make the best apple butter to preserve autumn in a jar.

Pitted: Handling Quinces
From feeds.latimes

How cooking quinces for making fruit butter is different than apples.

Bake your apple butter
From feeds.latimes

Why turning to the oven makes cooking pulpy apple puree easier and more stress-free.

Pitted: No Plate Test (Still)
From feeds.latimes

Why the plate test is not necessary to make apple butter at home.

Where to find the best spooky foods and drinks for Halloween
From feeds.latimes

Here are five killer spots for spooky foods and drinks this Halloween.

Master Apple Butter
From feeds.latimes

Fragrant apples, pureed until smooth, cook with sugar and lemon juice into a silky-soft fruit butter.

Why making apple butter is different from making jam
From feeds.latimes

Apple butter is a smooth puree of fruit a rather than chunks a and must be approached differently than jam.

Food Bowl to take over the Paramount Studios backlot on Saturday
From feeds.latimes

L.A.'s top culinary talent will dish up their fine offerings on the final night of the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl at the Paramount Studios backlot.

Suzanne Goin, Caroline Styne debut two new restaurants this week
From feeds.latimes

Cara Cara and Caldo Verde will open within the Proper Hotel in downtown L.A.

For fast, fabulous pasta, start with aglio e olio
From feeds.latimes

10 divine pasta recipes you can put on the table in half an hour or less

Recipes for dates and how best to cook with them
From feeds.latimes

Smooth, sweet shakes, tart lemon bars, crunchy slaw and an aromatic chicken braise a these are just a few of the wonderful recipes utilizing the unique sweetness of dates.

Honey'd Wine-Soaked Dates
From feeds.latimes

Honey and acidic natural wine play up the complex sweetness of dates in this boozy snack.

Red Cabbage and Date Salad With Preserved Lemon and Pistachios
From feeds.latimes

Chewy Deglet Noor dates add sweetness to this crunchy slaw brightened with preserved lemon.

Date, Banana and Almond Smoothie
From feeds.latimes

Frozen banana and almonds add body and richness to this simple vegan date shake.

Just think of the Medjool as 'the perfect date'
From feeds.latimes

The 'king' of dates is plump, sweet and 37 calories apiece, so snack away.

Pork Chops With Date Butter Sauce
From feeds.latimes

The sweetness of pork chops is accentuated with dates here, mixed with butter, herbs and almonds into a flavorful pan sauce.

This is what's behind the success of the Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch
From feeds.latimes

The family's dates are praised by chefs and customers across Southern California.

Dates go with rice, salads, pancakes, milkshakes a everything
From feeds.latimes

We can help you figure out how to use dates a in almost everything.

Spiced Coconut Chicken With Dates, Cinnamon and Crispy Shallots
From feeds.latimes

Dates tie together cinnamon, creamy coconut milk and aromatics in this warm chicken braise.

Slightly Spicy, Citrusy and Minty Soaked Dates
From feeds.latimes

Dried chiles, orange zest and fresh mint add zing to sweet dates in this aromatic snack.

Sizzled Dates With Za'atar, Thyme and Feta
From feeds.latimes

Caramelized, hot dates pair well with cold, creamy feta a all slicked in za'atar-infused olive oil a in this easy appetizer.

12 different dates you must try
From feeds.latimes

Your guide to becoming a date expert.

The best dates a and where to find them
From feeds.latimes

Where to find the best dates in town a and the desert.

Coffee-Soaked Dates
From feeds.latimes

Leftover coffee adds pleasant bitterness and caffeine to large, sweet dates for a pick-me-up snack.

You need to eat dates in the Coachella Valley right now
From feeds.latimes

Date tours, date shakes, date docs a why you need a road trip to the desert.

Date and Lemon Bars With Sesame
From feeds.latimes

Creamy, brown-sugar-y dates cut the sharpness of lemon in these refreshing dessert bars.

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